A propos de smartsy®

smartsy® brings objects to life - by just taking a picture..

Today's consumers want more than a product, they are longing for a great experience. smartsy® empowers the world to create stories and rich experiences behind any object, product or brand. Consumer brands and ad agencies use smartsy® to create stories and engage with their customers in a complete new way. Consumers just take a picture of a logo, packaging, billboard, product or any other object related to the brand and they get instant access to exclusive content, videos, promotions, and other virtual goods or offers.
smartsy®'s powerful image recognition technology combined with an easy-to-use cloud-based service make any object "clickable".
smartsy® revolutionizes advertising and brand experience as you know it. Join the revolution.

  • Siège Europe :

    • CEO : Gérard AYACHE | President : Eric SEULLIET
    • 110 Boulevard de Sébastopol – 75003 – PARIS – FRANCE
  • HQ USA :

    • SMARTSY Corp.
    • Chairman of the Board : Gérard Ayache
    • CEO : Arnaud Saint-Paul
    • 440 N. Wolfe Rd. - Sunnyvale, Silicon Valley - CA 94085 – USA
  • Bureau Amérique Latine :

    • smartsy.mx
    • Regis Courvoisier
    • MEXICO
  • Représentations commerciales :

    • Washington - Mexico – London – Roma – Barcelona - Istanbul