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The smartsy® mobile service is composed
of two powerful tools:

  • 1. A free mobile app based on image- and shape-recognition techno-logy, which allows users to capture and "smartsify" an image or object and be redirected to mobile content, such as videos, audio downloads and promotional media.
  • 2. A free online editing tool that lets you create your own image-to-content portal in almost real time. Just design your interface, define which images that will lead users to your content, and publish your new app with ease. it's that easy!
    The online editing tool is currently available by invitation only.

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Behind every object, an opportunity!

  • Remember that clever ad you saw in the subway last week? No, of course you don't. That's because most people walk away and forget. But now you can smartsify posters and print ads to get instant access to a wealth of product information. Check out the promotional video. Browse through image galleries. Or find the nearest store selling the product. Advertisements don't have to only be conceptual: todays, they can be gateways into a rich brand experience.

  • Sure, we love to save money.
    But we're usually too lazy to cut out coupons and carry them around in our wallet. Now nobody has to. Just smartsify a poster, a loyalty card or acatalog to get special offers, discover detailed product info, find a store nearby, compare prices and availability, or sign up for text notifications for future promos.Getting the best deal has never been easier.

  • You want to make wise decisions when you're shopping. But there's only a basic amount of information you can get from an item on the shelf. So why not smartsify the product's package or sticker? It can transport you to a treasure trove of valuable details, intuitive usage advice or exclusive e-coupons that you can use right away. Shopping is a lot more interesting when you bring along smartsy®.

  • They say, never judge a book by its cover. Nonsense. Now you can smartsify a book cover and get immediate access to valuable info straight from the publisher. Hear the author's pitch. Read some selected extracts. Or browse reviews form the press or from other readers. You can also smartsify a page or a single phrase to discover a
    whole world of sound, images and videos associated with it. The era for augmented reading is now.

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